Shooting of the TOP25PHOTO Models calendar

Posted on мая 31, 2018 \AM\

Monaco and luxury are synonyms. No wonder one of the smallest countries has a status of the Kingdom – stunning mounting views come down to the Mediterranean sea with its crystal clear azure beaches, pure white canvas of the expensive yachts and you can take pleasure of it sitting in a magnificent restaurant, enjoying the breeze and a glass of light shimmer wine Chateau Cheval Blanc! And at night you can play roulette in the oldest casino in Europe, dance before dawn in worldwide famous clubs or dash away on the glossing race car by mountain spiral road to the nearby Cannes or Nice. It looks like modern fairy-tale, doesn’t it? 

That’s why the shooting of the Top25photomodels 2017 calendar with 12 top models, which held in February of this year could be realized only here!

12 of the most photogenic beauties of the world in evening dresses and bijous, which were provided by Loona boutique — the friendly partner of The Top25photomodels magazine, posed for a photo in the interior of the restaurant LETE Monaco (the place, designed by Chantal Thomas). To understand the style represented by this store is enough to see its address — Princess Grace Avenue, 39! This apparel is worth to be in wardrobe of the members of the royal family!


The Hercule port became another location for filming or rather for cheerful video about how the best finalists of our magazine’s contest are having fun! Girls dressed in stylish outfits, which were carefully selected by stylists of the creative corner MC Fashion Space, were filmed on the pier and come close to flow away in round trip around Antibes on one of the boat, because anyone cannot resist the temptation of such route, especially, with such cheerful and beautiful company! (You can to see how it was on our Instagram profile.) 

A few days of hard work and aesthetic pleasure of all the participants of the project gave an excellent result — a calendar for 2017, which causes the desire to spend the following months with royal easy life, inspiration, aristocratic entertainment and unforgettable travel — many people dream about it, but only few of them realized!