Shooting Day Madame TheGlam Monaco 2016

Posted on октября 20, 2016 \PM\

During the Finale of the Madame TheGlam Monaco Contest which had been held during 3 days in Monaco, TheGlam team took one day just for photoshoot of all delegates! Luxury brands were queuing to participate in photoshoot with the most beautiful girls. TheGlam Girls are the most wanted models!

TheGlam team would like to say big thank you to:

Cool Bay So B Monaco for hairstyle and make -up

Verpeka Dolling -yacht brokerage company for an amazing sexy 38 metres yacht and team

Himiko_Monaco for Mitsuoka super cars

Designer Julia Aysina for outfits

Noushka Necklace and De Tiara for jewelry

Champagne brand FrereJean Freres