Lorena Baricalla : The voice and grace of Monaco.

Posted on декабря 19, 2019 \PM\

Lorena Baricalla is a multi-talented artist and a very graceful woman. Being a Prima ballerina, singer and actress, she has also realized herself as a renowned choreographer, writer and producer.

Lorena’s leading roles at the Monte-Carlo Ballet include Sheherazade, the Mermaid in The Prodigal Son, the Marquise in Marco Spada and many other fantastic works of the 20th century’s greatest choreographers. Moreover, she has often been the star of the National Day Galas in honour of the Prince of Monaco.

Born into a family of Monaco since 5 generations and having lived in Monte Carlo all her life, she graced the stages of more than 40 countries with her performances and created a number of choreographies for theatre, television and important
events, performing them at an international level with a cast of up to 100 supporting artists.

We were honoured to enjoy the dancing of this versatile performer and had a chance to talk about her achievements and future plans.
- Lorena, when did you start your dancing career?
- I discovered ballet at the age of 4. I went to the ballet room accompanying my little friend and a lesson of a wonderful Russian teacher Marika Besobrasova was so enjoyable that since that moment I have never stopped dancing. I believe it’s my destiny.
- You are a unique performer, as you are not only prima ballerina, but also a gorgeous opera singer. How did you manage to combine these two passions?
- All of these are languages of expression so you just learn a new language and start speaking it. I always liked to have new challenges and at one point I decided to try something new. I have a 3-octave voice range and at first it was not easy to master my singing skills, but I like to express myself in different ways and never stop finding new ways of expression.
- You are the only soprano who sings while dancing on point shoes. How
do you do it?

- Yes, I have performed numerous hits from musicals in my shows that unite dance and song. In “Musical Dreams” I performed The Phantom of the Opera, Moulin Rouge, Cats, Evita, Jesus Christ Superstar, Notre Dame de Paris, to name just a few… It’s very hard to dance and sing at the same time as you need to use different breathing techniques. But I do my best to make
great performance for the audience.
- We know that Garry Kasparov, the World Chess champion presented your show “Checkmate”, a powerful production by your company Promo Art, with the music of Abba. Tell us more about your company.
- I founded Promo Art Monte-Carlo Production, an international production company based in Monte Carlo, which produces me as an artist and is specialized in creation of new entertainment projects. It’s an American way of thinking and it gives me an opportunity to create my own projects and produce big international events and shows in Monaco, Abu Dhabi, and all
over Europe.

Our company takes care about everything; full package is included for any type of shows.

- What are your biggest projects?
- One of the most memorable events is the Monaco World Sports Legends Award, the Oscars of Sport, produced by Promo Art Monte-Carlo Production. There were for this 4th Edition many A-list stars including sports legends like Mario Andretti and Nasser Al Attiyah, a Qatari rally driver and a cousin of Emir of Qatar. I am also often invited as a Master of
Ceremonies. Next year I will be hosting the Berlin Presse Ball in Germany, renowned event since 1872. I am sure it will be very interesting experience and another challenge for me.
- Do you support young artists?
- At certain point you understand that you are ready to transmit your experience and inspiration as a role model to the young generations. So 4 years ago I created a special method of teaching with unique evaluation system. It is called the "The Lorena Baricalla Monte-Carlo Russian Method" and it’s aimed at supporting young dancers and ballet schools, which can follow this program all over the world. The Method is divagated at the moment in France, Monaco and Italy. Every year we organise an event in Monaco for pupils of all these schools and they have a wonderful chance to enjoy moments together and have an exam in front of the international jury of ballet stars.

- How do you express yourself as an actress?
- Till now I performed mostly on stage of the theatre, was a guest on many television broadcasts and held presentations of projects on 5 languages: English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. But now I have several projects for cinema and TV. It’s linked to American and English production but I don’t want to reveal all the secrets for now.
- There are many beautiful and talented women, but only a few achieve such fantastic success. What is your secret?
- Everyone has to find his own passion in life. Following your dream gives light and strength and it’s the most important thing in life. And of course –work, work, work! Never be satisfied with your achievements, evolve with the time, cause as an artist you always have to be evolving and find new ways of expressing yourself.
- You are an example to follow for many people. But who is your own
- Of course it’s our wonderful Princess Grace, a fantastic person, iconic for Monaco and for the whole world. This is the woman transmitting values which are also important for me.