According to its definition, luxury is a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving major expenses. Luxury things are not essential, but highly desirable and enjoyable. However, what does luxury means for every single person? We believe that its meaning can be different for everyone, like everything else in this world. TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine is an encyclopedia of the latest trends in fashion, beauty and luxury lifestyle. We are showing the world of luxury from different angles starting from exclusive yachts and super cars and ending up with exclusive events all over the world. For someone these arehabitual things, whereas for someone it’s an opportunity to learn about something brand new and, probably, unreachable. TheGlam Luxury Lifestyle Magazine introduces the reader tothe secrets of worldwide famous personalities, celebrities, best places to live, nano technologies and food innovations. Every Issue of the Magazine is full of interesting exclusive interviews with the biggest contributors in sport, fashion, beauty and much more. This is one of a kind International Editorial, which involves a wide and varied audience. We are especially interesting for fashion lovers, connoisseurs of luxury, celebrity followers and, of course, for big brands and companies who are looking for new challenges and opportunities. Collaborating with different countries, we guarantee the exchange of cultures and experiences. We did our best to combine a fashion editorial with expensive luxury lifestyle, glamorous celebrity life and, of course, introduction of the newly born Beauty Queens! Every reader is sure to find something interesting on the pages of our magazine which makes us so different and unique.