Why do men and women are thinking differently?

Posted on April 5, 2016 at 8:25

We all know that women are more complicated than men. Why? Because we have completely different structure of brains!

How do male brains look like?

Male brain is a special device where everything is in order! In their brains every field of life has own “box”. For example, sex located in one box, work is in the second, pleasure and leisure are in the third. Literary, there are boxes for everything inside of their brains: for cars, women, kids, parents and so on.

They always put new thought or information in appropriate box and never ever in their life they are using two boxes simultaneously. When they are into discussion about particular question they simply go to a box related to this topic. That is why, normally, they stay concentrated only in one topic until it is done.

With women there is another story.

Female brains look differently. Literary, it looks like the balloon covered by the net, made of different thoughts of all fields of life. Unlike to men, women don’t have any order of their thoughts. Everything is mixed in their brains: money linked with car, car with work, work with mother, kids with grand mother and so on. At the result, female thinking process is the entire broadband highway controlled only by emotions. That’s why women always remember everything. If you will connect any occasion of your life to the particular emotion, it will stay in your memory forever. However, it is not related to men, as experience shows, they have lack of emotions in general and, we would say, they can be quite careless sometimes while women are vice versa. To remember particular occasion, men have to find it somewhere in the boxes but they do revision quite rare. Women just love the process of taking care of everything and link it with emotions, which basically, makes them different.

In addition we would like to open to you a little secret which women surely don’t know about men. Between all boxes in their brains they have one unique and favorite box, which is basically empty. Yes. Yes. The box with zero inside. To make himself relaxed he took only this box as what can be better than empty brains for few hours. Here the answer why the most of men loves fishing so much! It may sound weird but this very strange fact about men’s psychology confirmed by the study of the University of Pennsylvania made few years ago. Literary, they discovered men’s ability to switch off their brains and think about nothing.

Unfortunately, women are not able to do the same. . . Female brains are never stops and that’s the reason why, sometimes, woman became so irritated seeing her husband lying on the sofa and doing nothing!

Despite on difference between us men still need women and vice versa. It is just another field to discover and know each other better.

man and woman
man and woman
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