TheGlam Girl Yanina Shevchenko: "I believe that a man has been created to perform miracles and creating miracles for myself, I am ready to share them with the entire World"

Posted on September 12, 2016 at 17:53

          The Glam Girl Yanina Shevchenko can be truly called The Bigest and Most Open Heart of theWorld! Being one of the most beautiful, intelligent and kind-hearted Ukrainian The Glam Girls,Yanina is the owner of The Heart of the World Foundation, which is dealing with not only charity, but implements completely new and advanced technologies in order to run their projects!

          Coming from the family of famous Ukrainian writer Yanina has been helping people since childhood. Nowadays she devotes most of her time to social projects. Together with her friends she has organized The Children's Drawings Festival, which gained importance for the entire country. Today, based on this Project, she is creating the Nations Training Platform, which will be available for users of 195 countries.

          Yanina is also a sponsor of the Neuromorphic Enginering&Cognitive Computing Studio TIME HERITAGE and their superconducting systems, which will be presented by the “Humanity” project in the United Arab Emirates very soon.Its permanent exhibition “Shine Island” will be opened there as well.

          The Glam Girl is convinced that today’s humanity, being realistic people who like all manifestations of a full and eventful life, have to realize that we are the latest generation that is able to change something in this world otherwise we will disappear as a species. Her Foundationand Social Enginering Studio HUMANITY are working on the Program to achieve assurance of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development 2030 and its preparation for public presentation.

          ''Today the world does not have yet any fully functioning examples of exposition, which would be presented in such a format. Just imagine that, at the same time, in the 5 Main World Arenas, such as: Olympic Stadium in London, Tokyo, Stade de France in Paris, the Yanke Stadium in New York, Shanghai SIPGF.C., the guests from all around the World will come together and watch a performance that would literally light up the night sky above our cities. Milions of people will simultaneously see how the solutions presented by the best minds of mankind will make the World better, they will see the entire World, where all of the goals of sustainable development have been implemented, and we will present the most important part of this amazing project which is technology! In fact, in 5 points of each city will be organized the interactive displays of the Program.

For all guests arriving at the International Airports, such as Heathrow and Haneda, we will instal the interactive holographic stands. At one of the stands of the Program, the Heads of Diplomatic Missions and the Foreign Ministers of the host country will gather together. Next to the three other stands, we plan to collect the guests, who are representatives of the international scientific consortiums and high-tech companies. We will also provide Live Broadcasting via the top-rated channels, which will be accompanied by the launch of our own on-line platform with the visualization enabling each Internet user to learn more about the Project in his/her own country and in the World. In fact, it means popularization of specific solutions and excellent technologies. Everyone who will see this would get the felling of confidence in the fact that this is the real path to achieve the Goals for Sustainable Development.

At the end, after 2020 technologies that will make our planet clean and mankind happy will be deployed everywhere universally!"–tells Yanina confidently about her Dream Project!