The Glam team

Posted on March 21, 2016 at 17:32

Hello there!

Let us introduce you TheGlam team which mainly consist of two sisters: Yulia and Katerina!

TheGlam team
TheGlam team

It might help you to understand who are you dealing with and why we can help. 

We were born in the military family. We were educated in the environment where the trust and family values are at the first place. We were all equal but still everyone took care of particular part of family life. In fact that’s was a model of normal family for all Post Soviet Union countries.    

However, our parents are an example of perfect couple as for us as, I believe, for everyone. They used to move from one place to another a lot and our mom till today supports our dad in all he does. She has been totally covering his back for already 36 years!!! You hardly can find such devoted couples nowadays.

We were traveling with parents a lot as well and met lots of people of different nationalities. For us it was always ashamed to see all those misunderstandings between people, when simple things could destroy big and strong families. In fact, it still like this, however, now we know what is the most influential factor in this case.

We are thinking that desire to make people happy is coming from that times. .

Meanwhile, we were growing up and, of course, got "some issues" with first love, first disappointment like all girls does in teen age. I hardly can explain why but for us it was interesting to find answers why people who seems to be in to each other are not compatible and vice versa, why one who is attractive for one person is totally unpleasant for another one. We decided to learn how it works from psychological side and got involved deeply in the topic. We start to try to do matching between friends using knowledge which we have got and, step-by-step it turned to a kind of passion.

They say that you have to be born the matchmaker and I think this saying is exactly about us!

Nowadays, we don't stop to learn and develop ourselves in favourite activity! We are still searching for more ways to improve our knowledge and skills to make the process of match making more precise day by day. Years of experience and happy faces of our clients are quite convincing proves that we are on the right track.

Dear all, don't hesitate to write us at any time with any questions. For us it is pleasure to communicate with you all and solve your issues together.

With love

Yulia and Katerina