STOP Dear! You have reached your destination!

Posted on April 12, 2016 at 10:02

Dear Ladies!

This blog is devoted to us –the most beautiful part of humanity. We wouldn’t say it is psychological article, it is more like a STOP sign for us to watch around and see what do we have at the moment. As we have already mentioned in previous articles both men and women can be so involved in the process of checking and choosing of our potential partner that easily loosing the ability to notice our destiny even if he or she is desperately screaming “LOOK!!!! I AM HERE”

Recently TheGlam team bumped into the one interesting article written by Paul Hudson, a young writer, philosopher and entrepreneur from New York who gives examples of what kind of man’s behavior is telling us “Honey, you have reached your destination”.

After some additional analysis we can’t disagree with some of his points. So here we go! 

Which qualities should your man has that mean you should never let him go?

  1. When he looks at you, he really looks at you. What does it mean? That means that he is trying to learn you and he is interesting only in you. The moments he share with you belongs only to you two and here the truth feelings are coming out.
  2. He has balance between kindness and strength. That means that he is not only here for you to support but to protect you as well. This kind of man is kind in heart but brutal in battle. He will never put his woman in risk to prove how brave he is.
  3. He is motivated, driven but patient. Just like we say in Ukraine or Russia “Slow but sure”. He knows the price of success thus he is patient enough to reach his goals. The main point that he will never put his woman in pressure
  4. He is a dreamer but still realistic. Nowadays, it is quite complicated to meet man with the balance of ambitions and opportunities. As soon as you did be sure that this kind of man will always be stabile. He will never stop doing his best to make your life better, but won’t promise you things he can’t deliver.
  5. He loves to cook. That’s simply amazing!!! We are sure you have already heard that the best Chef’s in the world are men. Besides, man in the kitchen looks sexy, isn’t he?
  6. He is physically active but not too much. It is good when man is taking care of his health and physical shape. Active people are less stressed as well and, besides, as different medical researches proves that man with fitted bodies has higher libido than others.
  7. He is self-confident person. We mean in a good way. There is no place for star sickness and ambitions overdose inside the couple.
  8. As soon as man is able to make you laugh and rise up your mood you should stuck to him and never ever let him go for million percents! . . In fact, this is one of the most important and influential point for women in choosing our future husband. We are too complicated sometimes and it is true that the only person who can handle us should have big sense of humor and positive way of thinking generally!
  9. He makes you feel self-confident with him. That means that to make you feel the most loved and cared woman in the world he doesn’t need to tell you about his feelings, you know that it is like this and that’s all.
  10. For you he is ready to lose arguments even when he is sure that you are wrong.
  11. You see that you are not alone in this world anymore. He is always here for you to help and support. You always have his shoulder next to you and fresh mind which offer you solutions!

 Of course, all this points cover just the small part of women’s needs but still one of the most important. We believe that find your soul mate is possible, especially when you know what you want.

happy couple
happy couple
happy couple