Never endless love story

Posted on May 6, 2016 at 13:29

Every person is looking for the answer to this question at least once in a lifetime nevertheless if this human is male or female. All of us are seeking to meet the One and Only person to spend long and happy life with. However, every time we meet one, we realise that this person is wrong one and don’t get anything else other than disappointments.

So, what’s wrong?

Any human is seeking to be somewhere where he or she feels good, safe and comfortable. What and where this point of comfort and which factors it depends on? In fact, the answer is very simple. . There is the only one main factor which makes big influence is satisfaction of our needs. If the person you chose is satisfying all your needs you will feel totally happy and complete with this person.

What kind of needs it can be from psychological point of view?

1.   Need to be accepted the way you are
2.   Need to be appreciated
3.   Need to feel comfortable at home
4.   Need to be close emotionally with the partner
5.   Need to have life coach, who can advise and help in life
6.   Need to have mutual interest with the partner like hobby or passion
7.   Need to be cared by partner as in emotional as in material way as well
8.   Material needs
9.   Sex needs
10. Need in absence of blames
11. Need to be parent, important to have children
12. Need to be independent. To be able to take care of yourself and make decisions independently from the partner.

In fact, it doesn’t matter if we realize it or not we always looking for someone who is able to satisfy our main needs that’s why it is so important to define them first and than try to build relationships. It is like we know what to look for so life becomes much easier then before.

However, to build really strong lifetime relationships we have to understand needs of our potential partner as well. Life is not about playing football in one gate. If you see that your partner needs something what you don’t want it is better to give opportunity to each other to be happy with someone else who have the same views than you.

How to define what you really want? It is easy.

The only thing you have to do is to analyze all 12 points and choose the 5 which are the most important for you.

To define needs of your potential partner is easy as well. Listening to him or her is more than enough as people love to talk about themselves, especially if you ask.

Lifetime relationships
Lifetime relationships
lifetime relationships