How to find your perfect match?

Posted on March 29, 2016 at 11:48

Since the beginning of times there were two influetial factors in building of relationships and family:

  1. Cultuaral element
  2. Physical attraction

However, today those two factors are passing away to the past and this point make a big problem.

What do we mean saying "cultural element"?

Cultural element of the society is religion, culture and social traditions which we always take into account when chosing potential partner. F.i. Is he/she matching our social level, status, traditions etc. All of us knows that the marriage itself was based on tradition as it was necessary for procreation and had always been supported by culture and religion. So what is going on nowadays? Why this aspect is no longer important?

Members of The Royal Families are doing marriages with simple students, reach peope with poor. Moreover, we even can meet marriages of representatives of different religions. As you can see culture as a basement for relationships is passing away. In modern society it is not necessary to create families for procreation as like as keeping in mind the cultural element for choosing life partner. It makes a big difference for modern family institute as it is becoming weak not only generally for society but for every person in his/her mind.

What about physical attraction? As passion, love, sexual attraction and the instinct of procreation it does exist but without cultural element we don't have the reason to create family any more. Modern people are thinking that there is no reason to get married if both are truly love each other. . If the feelings are strong there is no reason to put stamp in passport as they can enjoy their life just like this.

One more thing which used to be important for choosing life partner is appearence especially for men. Men of all nationalities were looking for the most beautiful women from everlasting. Lets bethink the history, there were wars because of women. And what do we have now? Now, only the laziest girl is not able to be pretty. With all opportunities we have nowadays woman doesn't have to be born beautiful she simply became like this. Men are spoiled with variety of choice and losing value of women beauty day by day. Again getting a bird in their hands is not a reason for creation of a new strong family.

So what do we have at the end? What can be a reason to make strong family nowadays?

It might sound strange at some point but thats our soul's needs. It is a kind of understanding that together you two are better than separate. We have to realize and accept that ideal relationships is the relationships built in couple who has total synergy between each other , they are compatible not only by phisycal criterias but they add each other in every field of life, they have total psychological compatibility. In fact, this is what we called the "perfect match".

Believe us or not but this is a future of our humanity. However, we haven't changed our views yet and it is still complicated for us to follow our real needs and, of course, estimate our potential partner this way so we are mostly following old habbits. Thats why the good solution here is application of different psycologycal tests in order to define our needs, personal features of the character and find the person who will interact with us in the best way.

As we mentioned before, with big changes in society the choice of potential partners is growing up intensivly for everyone and we can continue to choose and try relationships with new people again and again. It can take ages to make a final choice. Besides, there is always an option to stay alone as, unfortunately, time is flying too fast.

We have to get used to use special and pragmatic approach in making such an important step in life as chosing a partner. In fact, it is as important as to build new building, business or company. We have to stay responsible and concentrate in private life as well. Besides, as experience shows defining real needs of the person taking into account his/her personal preferences is saving not only the time but nervous system as well because from the very first conversation with the potential partner you protected from disappointments.

At the end we would like say that people has to stop to be afraid of learning themselves from inside but start to listen to their mind carefully as, somteimes, our emotions are cover our real needs.

perfect match
perfect match