TheGlam Girl Tatiana Paskova:"At some point of my life I was needed motivation but found it nowhere, I then realised I was looking in the wrong place, that motivation was inside me all the time."

Posted on October 17, 2016 at 12:11

Tatiana  is a real pocket rocket, she is happy, energetic, feminine and ambitious a girl unlike anyone you've ever met.

She has gone a long way from unassuming young student at one of Moscow's  Universities to successful woman with a Masters Degree in fashion business from Marangoni University in London. She became a real lady accepted and always welcomed in a highest European society.

So who is this Glamgirl ?

She is a fashion blogger and one of the most stylish and beautiful girls in London!

Tatiana got her love for beautiful things very early. She made it very clear to her parents and friends that she had taste and style and her father indulged her wishes.

The most well known stylists and fashion buyers world over envy her taste, style and ultimately her wardrobe which she colourfully illustrates in her highly followed Instagram page while high-end fashion brands are queuing to offer to Glamgirl a new product to try or new things to show off.

Tania, no doubt, has the Midas touch.

"The Devil wears what? Prada? No,the devil wears what Tatiana say! " joking TheGlam girl about her activity.

Nevertheless,there is much more to Tatiana. Tanya works very hard at her physical appearance without neglecting her spiritual wellbeing. This is what makes Tatiana and gives her the edge most girls dream of. She raises the bar and then takes it even further with new ideas, concepts and horizons.

She achieves this following simple rules: a healthy diet, regular exercise and positive thinking. Her approach is wholesome and comprehensive. She shares all beauty secrets and life achievements  in her Instagram account giving strong motivation in all fields of life.

She tackles every experience with a fresh and non judgemental mindset. She can do anything and extract all that is good from it.

Tatiana's real fix is waking up at sunrise, putting on her running shoes and hitting the road or treadmill where she goes to a place where she meditates about the day ahead and works out ways of how to achieve her dreams.

Life is a journey where your objectives are important but more important is the ride and Tanya fully endorses this belief.

This Glamgirl succeeded in passing the online selection of Madame TheGlam Beauty Contest where there were more than 3000 contestants who have competed for one of the 6 places. You will see her as part of the 6 girls in the final which will take place in the heart of the Cote D'Azur this Autumn. At the end of September this GlamGirl will be coming to Monaco to compete for the crown of Madame TheGlam. This will give her an opportunity to represent herself, her country and TheGlam community in a top international Beauty Pageants.

"At some point of my life I was needed motivation but found it nowhere, I then realised I was looking in the wrong place, that motivation was inside me all the time. I am now ready and happy to inspire and share this with other people."