The Glam Management Group is the brand new and unique society of women from all over the world! The main purpose of our activity is the creation of the brand new and unique female society, women of new generation – so-called Glam girls. TheGlam Management Group was founded in May 2011 and based in Monaco, but we are able to work and working everywhere throughout Europe! Nowadays we have two main offices: Kiev and Monaco TheGlam is a completely new, unique and one of a kind Community of Girls, who can be rightly called enviable brides and perfect wives! Glam Girls are not just the girls... All of them are young, beautiful, successful and mature women with a rich inner world, having their unique personal history, who are constantly moving forward, developing, striving to gain knowledge of the world and themselves! Despite on the fact that the girls have already established themselves as independent personalities, they possess deep moral and family values; Those of them who still on the way to meet their “the one” are family- and serious relationship-oriented only. We are very selective when it comes to choosing which girls will be eligible to become members of our community, not every girl may be invited to join, the unique selection and training system ensures that all of the girls, who come to our community have the high standards, character and a lot of deep-seated interests in their lives.

The Glam Girl means a girl of the new millennium, who is harmoniously developed in all spheres of life, good-looking and attractive, educated and will become even better wife, mother and friend. She is truly the girl all the guys dream of! She is fully self-realized in her life, feminine, always a welcome guest in any company, an ideal companion and girl-friend for any man.